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Carmela has the unique personal and
professional experience needed in these times.

Our nation is once again at a tipping point and these times call for leaders who are equipped for the battle.  If we are to prevail, our leaders must be skilled in the law, with its Judeo-Christian underpinnings, and have a thorough understanding of the human condition. 


Carmela witnessed and experienced some of the worst of the human condition.  She not only survived but put in the work to heal from the trauma and learn from it.  Thrust into adulthood at an early age, she worked full-time during high school to pay for her basic needs.  


Those humble beginnings led to her career managing the Regulatory Compliance program for the world’s largest flight simulator training provider. Over her 20+ year career in the private sector, Carmela worked with local and national administrative agencies. She successfully advocated for her employer against unelected and unqualified government bureaucrats.


Knowing government dysfunction was not limited to her industry, Carmela dedicated herself to reducing our overly burdensome government. Following the example of our Nation’s founders, she first became familiar with the works which inspired America’s Constitutional Republic completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies at Lancaster Bible College.


With the support of her husband Michael, Carmela left her private sector career to accept a full scholarship to Villanova Law School. Since graduation and admission to the Pennsylvania Bar, Carmela volunteers countless hours serving her community in the political arena.  From helping service minded grass roots candidates, to advocating for first amendment protections, transparency in public-school, election integrity, open space preservation, and running for State Representative, Carmela is standing against government dysfunction.

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