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Mar 29, 2024

Save Big Elk Creek - First Task Force Meeting Debrief 

Task Force or Task FARCE?

Indicators that DCNR’s “Community Engagement” to develop a Master Plan for Big Elk Creek State Park is the latter.

Carmela Ciliberti – March 29, 2024


During the January 10th Town Hall Meeting our community and DCNR’s Secretary Cindy Dunn agreed to form an advisory group of community people to work with DCNR in the planning process for Big Elk Creek (BEC).  Elk, Franklin, and New London townships, Chester County Commissioners, State Rep, and two State Senators were each to appoint one member to the group.  This group was to address two main concerns:


1. Provide an opportunity for DCNR to regain the community’s trust.  And, most importantly,

2. Ensure that BEC retained its preserve status as was represented to the taxpayers who funded the State’s purchase of the property.


DCNR, under Director John Hallas’ leadership, strayed from the Jan 10th agreement.  Hallas unilaterally: expanded membership to non-community members, appointed himself as chair, authored the task force mission statement, determined the location and frequency of the meetings, and closed them to the public. 


The first Task Force meeting was held March 28th.  If members had any doubt as to who was running the show, Hallas flanked the meeting entrance with two fully armed Park Rangers.  The armed guards went so far as to deny Chester County Commissioner Eric Roe from observing the meeting.  Hallas’ true feelings for our community were apparent throughout the meeting.  On more than one occasion he referred to us as the “opposition.”  If you are wondering how much you are paying DCNR for this level of service, Secretary Dunn’s annual salary is $180,635 while Director Hallas’ is $160,275.


In spite of DCNR’s tactics, myself and other task force members remained laser focused on securing BEC’s preserve status.  It was voted as the highest priority to be addressed at the next Task Force meeting scheduled May 22nd.  Time will tell if DCNR will course correct.

Jan 10, 2024

Save Big Elk Creek - Public comment and submission of Preservation of Evidence Letter.

Dec 20, 2023

Posters with Sexual Content - Documents obtained from Avon Grove School District Right to Know Request

AGSD Response 05Sep23

AGSD Response 05Sep23 Exh D-J

AGSD Response 26Sep23

AGSD Response 20Dec23

Aug 22, 2023

Video review of Avon Grove School District mishandling of Board Vacancy.

Jun 13, 2023

Video exposing the sexualization of children in the AVON GROVE SCHOOL DISTRICT.

Jun 20, 2023

Right to Know Request exposing the display of Posters with Sexual Content in Middle School.

AG Porn.png

Aug 26, 2022


Jun 17, 2022

Right To Know Request exposing ballot shortage.

RTK Ballot Shortage.png

Jun 10, 2022

Right To Know Request exposing Altered Ballot Drop Box Security Seal.

RTK Altered Security Seal.png
RTK Altered Security Seal 3.png

Jul 31, 2021

Video exposing the discrimination and Intimidation of an Immigrant Mother by Chris McCune, then Chairmen of the WEST CHESTER AREA SCHOOL DISTRICT.


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